The Need

Furthermore, a remote site’s infrastructure, whether shared or operated by third party Tower Management companies – is usually regulated through Service Level Agreements (SLA), with strict usage and uptime statistics, binding the infrastructure managers to fierce performance.

The Benefits

  • Autonomic pro active solution targeting maximum energy and HR efficiency
  • Real time ROI and P&L calculator for site / Region / Network, Multi countries
  • Real time analytics of tenants behavior with comparison to contract
  • SLA enforcement for suppliers and tenants
  • Finance and billing module showing real time PL and areas of concern
  • 4 layers of passive and active security, including cyber protection
  • 24/7 watch dog over all technicians/contractors 
  • Inventory / Asset management and item tracker
  • Bottom line profitability increase – guaranteed

Response to all your needs

Operational Excellence

OPEX Saving

Displaying automatic alerts, reducing response times, displaying remote real-time visibility, and increasing asset availability.

Increasing operational uptime, minimizing theft and vandalism, reducing equipment failure and optimizing energy usage.

Solutions for your entire environment

Power Sources Management

Generator Unit Management

Professional tool which enables OPEX savings and customer to optimize power consumption

Solution that contributes to increased generator life, efficient generator maintenance, and significant operational savings.

Battery Solution

Solar System Efficiency

Management and tracking battery solution provides complete control over the battery health, turning every industrial battery into a smart battery.

Utilizing Solar panels as part of your power source system with detailed display shows you the energy distribution of your assets and highlights your OPEX savings as a result.

Network Operations Center

Collocation Management

A general view of the site parameters enables to manage events and control the site remotely.

One platform compiles energy consumption data of multiple tenants present on site, and offers efective & efficient management and smart billing.