Entrepise Asset Tracking





1- Inaccurate asset information

2- Maintaining the updated asset registry from time to time Managing the current information about asset

3- Location of the asset

4- Asset Tagging Challenges

 5- No Tagging mechanism for new assets acquired

6- Asset coding challenges Custodian of the asset – accountability of the asset

1- Periodic asset data collection Completely manual (time & material, data accuracy)

2- Unauthorized/Unidentified asset movement between location or between custodian maybe resulting in loss of asset Condition of the asset – inappropriately reported as damaged or lost


1- Information flow between departments in unorganized manner (multiple excel files)

2- Integration with existing ERP systems

3- Handle existing data and update the status (location, custodian & asset tag details) in ERP Handle new assets acquired during the operations in ERP

4- Define a data bridge between third party systems and ERP

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We offer a strong asset tracking platform to build and maintain accurate Master Asset Registry

We enable organizations gain visibility and control over their assets, for effective physical asset management.

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